We love what we do and we believe in what we do

Values of our brand

  1. Customer Oriented

    We love our customers. We offer them the best services we can provide and we make sure to provide the high-quality products that they dream of.
  2. Order

    “My parents would be proud”
  3. Readiness for Change

    We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve our products and services.
  4. Competence

    We’re constantly developing and are eager to improve our professional and personal qualities.
  5. Opennes

    We’re open to all ideas.
  6. Responsibility

    Autonomy as an answer to responsibility.
  7. Ambition

    To be the best in our field.
Mihail Guscin
The most valuable asset at One Development is its people. It is the team that creates that beauty, that aesthetic and quality that our customers see. I am very proud of my team. Every day they solve difficult tasks and work with joy and love. Due to this work ethic, we have succeeded in projects that are highly valued by our clients.
Mihail Guscin
CEO One Development
Anna Kronīte
Anna Kronīte Sales specialist
Alīna Kozulina
Alīna Kozulina Office Administrator
Marsels Vapne
Marsels Vapne Sales specialist
Elizabete Gorina
Elizabete Gorina CMO One Development and Space 12

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Rental apartments
Place 4
Raiņa Nams
Mežaparka Village
Donberga kvartāls
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Blaumana Residence
Schoolhouse & Lofts
Miera Residence
Miera 107
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