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Cоздаем дома для ценителей эстетики и качества жизни.


To preserve Riga's historical architecture as well as create comfortable living conditions within a modern city. We renovate 19th century buildings because we care about the aesthetic of our beloved city and the well-being of our customers. We imbue new life into each project, while preserving its past.
11 experience in real estate development
8 exclusive projects
35000 square meters

Values of our brand

  1. Time

    Our approach to choosing a property’s location saves clients’ time by granting time to be spent on what really matters.
  2. Responsibility

    We build and deliver projects on time, but we exceed customer expectations. Our execution is better than what we promise.
  3. Customer service

    We are customer oriented - each customer is an individual and we seek to offer the most suitable housing option catered specifically for each one.
  4. Impeccable Quality

    We carefully consider every detail of our properties; when it comes to apartments, we focus on the needs of our customers. We design homes as we would if they were our own homes, and we are committed to only using high-quality ecological materials from around Europe. Each of our projects is better than the last.
  5. Aesthetic

    We understand what visual aesthetics are, so we pay particular attention to the appearance of our buildings and their interior design. We build beautifully because we want the client to enjoy living in our created apartments.
  6. Renovation

    We ardently renovate historic buildings and imbue new life into these gems.

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Our projects

Rental apartments
Place 4
Raiņa Nams
Mežaparka Village
Donberga kvartāls
Coming soon
Blaumana Residence
Schoolhouse & Lofts
Miera Residence
Miera 107
Coming soon